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May 31, 2005


Mark Zorro

Blogging has the future we accord it and the true value of it lies in the unexpressed rather than the expression. This unexpressed is the volume of all the thoughts that never find their way into the external and material world. We should be thankful that so many of our thoughts were not and what makes the unexpressed so important is that what does get expressed marks the value of the person who expresses it.

The moment one tries to express an unexpressed value our world is not used to it and soon what was meant to be an innocent moment in time becomes a people who turn their heads and notice this disruption in the usual noise of expression. Now normally in our fully branded world this is deemed a good thing because the metric for attention is always financial, if not psychological, for tell me what ego has not stroked for affectionate attention?

Yet when you pick up every Holy book known to man whether it be Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Krishna or a Granth, the message is universal, this attention is meaningless for if the expression unexpressed is from pure holiness than only God should know it. If on the other hand one human being turns another human being into an image of God rather than listen to the silence of everything unexpressed that is universal in us we refer to as "humanity", then blogging has the future we accord it.

If that future is an innocent expression, let only God hear it, for attention wants us to be great, but to be great is to walk away from human attention. So what is that future we accord but a future that wasn’t determined by us but whatever force makes our life a source of divine light. What’s wrong with blogging than the darkness of crowding around a few lights we individually bless or accord fame or recognition, when the true future of blogging is its power to turn on six billion more lights; and what is that light but the daily bath of purity we take to extinguish our individual darkness which contributes to our daily rebirth of our collective innocence. So the wise who come forward must step back into the silence for our world is lost in its expressions, when blogging is the nearest thing we have to our own heart, for the heart hears most what is unexpressed.


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