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Sarthak Brahma is a Business Consultant in the 'Risk Assessment' and 'Business Advisory' space by profession. A Masters in Systems & Finance Management and an Engineer in Electronics & Instrumentation by education.

Sarthak Brahma is the Winner of 'Assembly Xtreme' the All India B-School business acumen contest organized by XLRI,Jamshedpur.

He is an avid writer, has posted his musings in literature websites, magazines, and newspapers.

He is fond of elocutions and discussions and has been an organizer and as much a part of similar events on a national arena.

Besides marketing and advertising his other likes include Economics and Telecommunications wherein he's presented the same in National Seminars.

Previously having worked as a consultant in Telecom and Finance billing solutions space, he's currently working with Ernst & Young in the Risk & Business Solutions service line.

He is open to suggestions and insights and encourages being contacted regarding the afore mentioned scope and thereof.

"Consumercy-The Consumer Blog of Contrariety" is about a Consumer's perspective on products/services, marketing, advertising and the likes. And lots of wonderment as to why the apparent doesn't hit them. Them who thrust it all on us. Care to call the 'apparent but missing' an idea? At "Consumercy" you'll find many such.

An unrelenting consumer makes the difference between the 'have not' and the 'can have'. Be the difference. Think contrary.